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#FR2 Fxxking Rabbits: developing a slightly exciting, mature worldview

#FR2 It’s called FXXKING RABBITS, with a punchy, crazy name. Do you know any fashion brands?

As the name implies, the rabbit character is impressive, and the slightly exciting, mature worldview is not spared. The feature is that it is developed in the front without

In the fashion brand world, they are dangerous in a good way and have an unorthodox presence.

In this issue, we will discuss the history and characteristics of #FR2 FXXKING RABBITS and the appeal of the brand. We will introduce you to the following information about FXXKING RABBITS.


#FR2 FXXKING RABBITS has been leading the way as a big brother fashion that originated in Shibuya. This project was started by Seeno Corporation, which runs VANQUISH.

The theme of the project is “We are Fxxking Rabbits”, and it is based on the idea of “Clothes for Photographers”. FXXKING RABBITS has developed products with its own brand concept.

FXXKING RABBITS is a sexy rabbit that literally symbolizes the company’s brand. representation of the company.

Although the rabbit seems to precede the cuteness of the rabbit, the rabbit of the company’s own brand is more of a sexy, And it’s strange and radical.

It is the world from stimulating objects such as T-shirts printed with a single picture of a female nude photo. It cannot be described in a single word as foolish or honest, even for things with a strong message, such as a t-shirt with a landscape painting that conveys the situation in There is something called the depth and addictiveness of the brand that is embedded in the unique worldview of the brand, which is so unique that it’s hard to believe that it’s even possible to get away with it.

The method of attracting customers is also different from other brands, with the use of social networking services such as Instagram, which is unique to the modern age It is a complete meritocracy that increases popularity and recognition based on word of mouth collected at Even though we don’t spend any money on it, it has been picked up by celebrities and entertainers from all over the world. It is becoming more and more popular in Japan as well.

The charm of the game is spreading in Japan as well, with popular Youtuber “Hikaru” being one of the most famous names. You introduced a t-shirt from the same brand.


Source : /.

Speaking of Fuckin’ Rabbits, the iconic series with the Smoking Kills logo on it is called ‘Smoker’s’.

The designer, Kosuke Kawamura, uses a technique called “shredder collage” to create a series of “Smoker’s”, which is designed by a famous person. It features a surrealistic view of the world, depicting smoking and people as motifs.

In addition, the design incorporates a bit of stimulation with adult depictions of men and women. T-shirts and other items are also available.



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#FR2 FXXKING RABBITS available in Tokyo Recommendations


Source : https://

Store Name #FR2 HARAJUKU
Address 4-31-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number 03-6804-1313
Business Hours 11:00-21:00

VANQUISH Shibuya Store

Source :

Store Name VANQUISH Shibuya Store
Address 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan MAGNET by SHIBUYA109, 3rd Floor
Phone Number 03-3477-8167
Business Hours 10:00-21:00

#FR2 Plums

#FR2 Plum
Source : https://corp.

Store Name #FR2 Plum
Address Harajuku V1 Building 1st Floor, 4-29-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number 03-6455-5422
Business Hours 11:00-21:00


Source : https://

Store Name #FR2 GALLERY 1
Address Champs Elysees Harajuku, 4-28-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1F-south
Phone Number 03-6455-1271
Hours Irregular


Source : http://bibariki. net/

Store Name #FR2 GALLERY 2
Address 4-26-26 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Newclassics 2F
Phone number No mention
Hours Irregular


What did you think? In this article, we’ll discuss the history and features of the #FR2 FXXKING RABBITS, as well as I introduced them.

What? Are you sure you want to make these clothes? There are many items with a straightforward design that may make you think, “I don’t know what I’m doing.

The graceful brand stance and the message contained therein, etc., can be judged simply by the design alone. There are many items that choose the user.

It is recommended because it is a brand that is full of peculiar charm for that reason though there are many items that choose the user.

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