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Silas: A Mix of British style and Culture elements

Silas is a fashion brand that combines tradition and elegance with a mix of bridgetic and quartier elements.

The brand is full of items that contribute to the lifestyle of the user with a luxurious atmosphere and a casual element at the same time.

What kind of fashion brand is Silas?

In this article, we will introduce an overview of Silas, touching on its history and features.

What is Silas?

Silas is a British fashion brand established in 1998 by Sofia Maria Plantera and Russell Waterman.

Influenced by skating and music, the brand was born in East London, and the concept of “East London Street” for men and “Silas Style London Girl Style” for women, and the feature is a unique feeling of dressing that focuses on the lifestyle of the wearer.

The appeal of the brand is that many of its collections are based on the British street scene with a touch of tradition and elegance.

The name of the brand is derived from a fictional character named Silas Holmes, who had a profound influence on the London street scene.

When you think of Silas

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Speaking of Silas, they offer a wide variety of items ranging from the orthodox to the quirky, to add color to your lifestyle.

This time, we’re introducing a pullover check shirt that can be worn simply as a single piece.

It is a chic and mature piece with a universal design and a touch of British elegance.

The chain-embroidered logo on the left chest and back is a feature.

It’s a design that’s easy to use for all seasons, so why not get to know the brand from here?

Coordinations of Silas


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Recommended Places to Buy Silas in Tokyo


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Store Name Styles Roppongi
Address Roppongi Hills West Walk 4F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number 03-6447-1782
Business Hours 11:00-21:00

Styles DAIKANYAMA will be temporarily closed on June 7, 2020.

Saturdays NYC Tokyo

Saturdays NYC Tokyo
Source : https://

Store Name Saturdays NYC Tokyo
Address Daiokanyama IV Building 1F, 1-5-2 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Daiokanyama IV Bldg.
Phone Number 03-5459-5033
Business Hours 10:00~20:00


What did you think? In this article, we introduced Silas in general, touching on its history and features.

As a British fashion brand, it is characterized by a medieval and noble atmosphere.

The appeal of the brand is that it focuses on lifestyle and has many items that are easy to wear as everyday wear.

Please take this opportunity to take one of Silas’ many items one by one.

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