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R4G, a brand that incorporates Japanese pop culture such as anime and video games into fashion

R4G is a brand that transmits Japanese pop culture through its clothing, targeting not only core fans but also
trend-conscious fashionistas and overseas customers who love Japanese culture, such as “anime,” “games,” and
“entertainment. The brand is overflowing with the desire to bring their love of “anime,” “games,” and “entertainment”
to their respective Geeks.
Here we introduce the appeal of R4G and more.

What is R4G?

R4G is a Japanese fashion brand.
Anime” and “Fashion” are one of the most important cultures for Japanese people, and are the greatest pop culture in
the world.
The brand name “R4G” means “Respect For Geeks” and aims to be a new bridge between these two cultures.

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History of R4G

R4G is produced by Hiroyuki Marutani.
In 2018, he launched R4G, a fusion brand of fashion and anime.
Collaboration anime he has worked on so far
Love Live
Hatsune Miku
Code Geass
Fate/stay night[Heaven’s Feel]
Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Revengers


How was it?
Here we introduced R4G.
R4G has been making efforts to appear in fashion shows such as Tokyo Girls Collection and Rakuten Girls Award.
We hope you will take a look.

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