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10 Recommended Second Handed Streetwear Shops in Ikebukuro

10 Recommended Street Secondhand Clothing Stores in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is a city in the heart of the city that many people go to every day because of its easy access by train.

There are many commercial facilities and tourist attractions such as Sunshine City, the Eastern Department Store, and Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park.

Ikebukuro is famous for having as many secondhand clothing stores as Shimokitazawa and Koenji.

In this issue, we will focus on the street fashion stores that deal with street fashion, even though they are the same thrift stores.


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“dron-pa” is located about a one-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station’s Metropolitan Exit.

We mainly sell one-of-a-kind used American clothing, including jackets, denim, and other casual designs.

We also deal in French second-hand clothing that is proud of its brand power.

Store name Dron-pa
Address 1-2-3 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-5911-4177
Business hours 12:00~20:00

Hundread Buyers

Handled Byers

“Hundreaded Buyers” deals in vintage vintage clothes and American casual T-shirts with a focus on American characters.

We have a wide selection of products for both adults and children, including men’s, women’s and children’s products.

This secondhand clothing store is only a 2-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station.

Store name Hundreaded Buyers
Address 24-H Building 1F, 3-13-1624 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-3971-1971
Business hours 11:00~20:00


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The store carries vintage fashion items imported from the United States and Canada through dealers.

Each item is carefully inspected and clinched so that each one is of good quality.

Since the price is also estimated lower than the market price, I am glad that it is easy to buy casually.

Store name WearBear
Address Hatsune-sou, 4-30-4 Nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-6905-9780
Business hours 14:00~22:00


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TEKITOU CLOTHING creates a nostalgic atmosphere, with products lined up in every detail of the store.

We deal in a lot of street fashion, mainly old clothes from the 90’s.

Inside the store, you can find items selected by the owner, and you may find bargains.

Address Nishiikebukuro 3-33-28-101, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-6912-8944
Business hours 12:30~20:30


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DUSTANDROCKS is located about a two-minute walk from Mejiro Station.

It’s also a second-hand clothing store owned by Japanese musician and actor Furuichi Kotaro.

We mainly deal in vintage secondhand clothing, and we also accept homemade remade secondhand clothing.

Address Mejiro 3-14-7 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-6915-3627
Business hours 12:00~20:00


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“RED CLOUD” is located in Higashi-Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and also accepts the purchase of used clothes and denim repair.

This is a used clothing store that mainly deals in American used clothing such as denim and shoes.

Among the many popular products available, they also accept 1-2 days’ layover if you contact them in advance.

Store name RED CLOUD
Address 1-43-10 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-3987-8649
Business hours 11:30~20:30

Grapefruit Moon Ikebukuro Sunshine City ALTA

Grapefruit Moon Ikebukuro Sunshine City ALTA
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“Grapefruit Moon Ikebukuro Sunshine City ALTA” is a secondhand clothing store with an overall antique atmosphere.

We mainly stock vintage vintage clothes from the 60s to 80s, with different themes for each season.

With a wide range of regular and minor items, the brand has won the support of men and women.

Store name Grapefruit Moon Ikebukuro Sunshine City ALTA
Address Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alta-kan, 3-1-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 050-3530-2743
Business hours 11:00~20:00


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The Ikebukuro P’Parco store of the fashion shop “WEGO”, which operates in Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku and other locations throughout Japan.

A wide range of needs are gaining in popularity for a universal and original style that is not tied to any one genre.

We sell not only our new products but also second-hand clothes, so you can coordinate them according to your needs.

Store name WEGO Ikebukuro P’PARCO
Address 4F Ikebukuro P’Parco, 1-50-35 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-5957-5255
Business hours 11:00~21:00

Spins Ikebukuro

Spins Ikebukuro Store
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A neon tube decorated with a variety of colorings catches the eye at the thrift store “Spins Ikebukuro”.

This is the Ikebukuro branch of Spins that is developing nationwide including Harajuku.

There are a lot of sale items, so if you go there during the season, you can easily coordinate your total look.

Store name Spins Ikebukuro Store
Address 1-12-15 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 0120-011-984
Business hours Weekdays 11:00~21:00 / Weekends and holidays 10:00~21:00


We are closed.


Did you like it? In Ikebukuro, there are only so many good stores that deal in street fashion.

You’re sure to find vintage and American vintage clothing at low prices and high quality.

There are also many shops that can be used as shopping spots for dates and families.

Please take this opportunity to find the street fashion that suits you best in Ikebukuro.

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