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The Eye Catching Red and White Logo: Supreme

A fashion brand called Supreme whose brand logo with red and white as the base is eye-catching.

It is a street style fashion that people who like fashion should have at least once, and it is also popular among celebrities.

They range from simple items that are easy to wear for both men and women to items that are unique to people.

In this article, we will introduce the history and characteristics of Supreme and its appeal.

What is Supreme?

James jebbia (James Jevia), owner of the select shop “Union NYC”, which became a legend in New York, made SUPREME in Manhattan, New York in 1994.
This is the origin of everything.

At that time, it did not operate as a fashion brand as it does now, but started as a skate shop, and while dealing with various skater brands in the shop, it was like selling several original Supreme T-shirts made by James.

However, as this original T-shirt became popular, they developed various items made by their own company.

Originally, it was also famous as a brand with a high rarity that it was natural to resell at a premium price every time a new product was released.

It will eventually become a global street brand as it is today.

This is supported by the fact that the brand is used by famous foreign celebrities and entertainers such as American female artist “Lady Gaga”, British fashion model “Kate Moss” and Canadian musician “Justin Bieber”.

Speaking of Supreme


Speaking of Supreme, there are a lot of standard items with designs with the company logo “Supreme” based on red and white.

Other than that, it is also known that there are many T-shirts with big prints of foreign celebrities.

The above image shows a T-shirt featuring Madonna, the most successful female artist “Queen of Hips” in the world.

This item is also popular because it is worn by Takuya Kimura who is known for its use of supreme items.

This item has a presence that will look simple and cool when worn with jeans.

Supreme Coordinates



Recommended place to buy Supreme

Supreme Daikanyama

Supreme 代官山


11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00

Store Name Supreme Daikanyama
Address -6 1F , Daikanyama-cho , Shibuya-ku , Tokyo
Telephone number
Business Hours

Supreme Shibuya

Supreme 渋谷

Store Name Supreme Shibuya
Address Jinnan 1 , -18 , -2 , 1F , Shibuya-ku , Tokyo
Telephone number 03-5428-4393
Business Hours 11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00

Supreme Harajuku

Supreme 原宿

Store Name Supreme Harajuku
Address Jingumae 4 , -32 , -7 , 2F , Shibuya-ku , Tokyo
Telephone number 03-5771-0090
Business Hours 11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00

Supreme DSMG

Supreme DSMG

Store Name Dover Street Market Ginza/DSMG
Address 6 -9 -5 Ginza , Chuo-ku , Tokyo
Telephone number 11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00
Business Hours 03-6228-5080

Supreme Nagoya

Supreme 名古屋

Store Name Store Name Entry
Address 3-chome , Sakae , Naka-ku , Nagoya-shi , Aichi , 13 -28 1F
Telephone number 052-261-2858
Business Hours 11 : 0 ~ 20 : 00

Supreme Osaka

Supreme 大阪

Store Name Supreme Osaka
Address 1 -9 -8 1F , Minamihorie , Nishi Ward , Osaka City , Osaka Prefecture
Telephone number 06-6533-0705
Business Hours 11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00

Supreme Fukuoka

Supreme 福岡

Store Name Supreme Fukuoka
Domicile 1 -11 -29 Daimyo , Chuo-ku , Fukuoka-shi
Telephone number 092-732-5002
Business Hours 11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00


How was it? In this article, I touched on the history, features, and appeal of Supreme.

This is a brand called Supreme that makes you jump into your eyes when you walk around the city or go around shops.

A T-shirt is good, but a cap with a Supreme logo is also attractive with a street feel.

For those of you who are interested in fashion, it might be a good idea to wake up to fashion from Supreme.

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