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The brand VEIN, born from Attachment

VEIN, a brand derived from Attachment.
Respecting the architect Jean Prouvé and seeing himself not as a designer but as a planner, the brand engages in
manufacturing through meticulous discussions with factories.
Here, we introduce the features of VEIN and more.

What is VEIN?

VEIN is a Japanese men’s fashion brand. The foundation of their garment creation is respect for the architect Jean
With “structural expressionism” as the brand concept, VEIN views the structure of clothing itself as design,
presenting minimal yet powerful collections. The first collection features solid colors, with black, white, and light
While the base is very basic, these elements are reinterpreted to create designs with a unique sense of playfulness.

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History of VEIN

The designer behind VEIN is Koki Enomoto.
After graduating from Tokyo Denki University High School, he enrolled in the Fashion Engineering Department at Futaba
Fashion Academy.
Following his graduation, he gained experience as an assistant designer at Attachment and UNDERCOVER, among others.


How was it? Here, we introduced VEIN, a brand with a strong commitment to craftsmanship in creating its wear.
Be sure to find a piece that reflects their dedication.

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