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Brand N.HOOLYWOOD based on vintage clothing with a focus on silhouettes and comfort

N.HOOLYWOOD is based on vintage clothing and focuses on men’s wear.
The brand is supported by a wide range of people and represents Japan.
Here, we introduce the features of N Hollywood and other information.


N.HOOLYWOOD is a Japanese fashion brand.
It expresses completely new clothes by adding new concepts and values to the details of vintage clothing.
Each season, the brand presents a different collection that shows a different charm while keeping the brand’s
fundamental idea of vintage clothing intact.

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History of N.HOOLYWOOD

The designer is Daisuke Ohana, born in 1974 in Kanagawa, Japan.
After working at the vintage clothing store VOICE, he participated in the launch of the vintage clothing store
He became known as “Mr. Hollywood” because of his trips to Hollywood, U.S.A., for vintage clothing purchases during
this time.
He opened “Mr. Hollywood” in 2000 and made his debut at the Tokyo Collections with his own brand “N.HOOLYWOOD (N.
Hollywood)” in 2002.
In 2004, the store was relocated from Harajuku to Jingumae.
The Spring/Summer 2011 collection was presented in New York.
For Spring/Summer 2019, the runway will be presented at the Tokyo Collection as well as in New York.
For the Tokyo Collection, the brand presented a different show, combining items presented in New York with vintage and
remade items.


How was it?
Here we introduced N.HOOLYWOOD.
N.HOOLYWOOD actively collaborates with Diesel, G-Shock (G-SHOCK), and others.
N.HOOLYWOOD is now known around the world and has become one of the leading fashion brands in Japan.

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