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Postmodern Clothing Proposal MISTERGENTLEMAN

MISTERGENTLEMAN expresses new basics with minimalistic design and beautiful coloring.
It is a popular brand that enjoys high support from fashionistas in Japan.
Here we introduce the appeal of MISTERGENTLEMAN and more.


MISTERGENTLEMAN is a Japanese fashion brand.
It pursues a fresh, new men’s style with minimalist design and beautiful coloring at the forefront.
The characteristic of the brand is a mix of basics and design. The brand puts forward a style that is simple but not
fast fashion, and is not only simple but also playful, with switches and other elements sprinkled throughout.

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MISTERGENTLEMAN is created by Takeshi Osumi and Yuichi Yoshii.
Takeshi Osumi worked as a designer for “PHENOMENON” and “SWAGGER.
Yuichi Yoshii became interested in clothes under the influence of his mother, a knitwear designer, and in 1997 opened
a select store in Aoyama dealing in vintage items.
Since 1998, he has worked as a buyer for “CELUX,” a members-only select store in the Omotesando store of “LOUIS
In 2004, he worked on select stores such as “LOVELESS” and is currently the owner of “THE CONTEMPORARY FIX”.
In 2022, the brand name was changed to “SOFTHYPHEN” and restarted.


How was it?
Here we introduced MISTERGENTLEMAN.
MISTERGENTLEMAN has collaborated with Vans, Starter Black Label, Dickies, and others, and has become a hot topic on
street scene.
Even now that he has become a soft hyphen, he is still a brand that is attracting attention.

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