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Expressing a Deep Passion for Denim FACTOTUM

FACTOTUM’s military and workwear collections, with tailored elements added to them, are well received.
In recent years, a women’s line has also been developed, and it is a brand that is attracting more and more attention.
Here, we introduce the charm of “FACTOTUM” and others.


FACTOTUM is a Japanese fashion brand established in 2004.
It proposes a universal wardrobe that blends into the daily life of the wearer.
The brand name “FACTOTUM” comes from the title of a novel, which means “live on your own” in Latin.
The brand concept of FACTOTUM is “to fuse mode and real clothes with a deep feeling for denim.
FACTOTUM’s strong commitment to denim, clean silhouettes, and the amount of variations that take advantage of its high
processing technology are FACTOTUM’s strengths.
The base of FACTOTUM’s collection is military and workwear, to which tailored elements are added. They are made with
attention to fabrics and worry-free design in every corner.

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History of FACTOTUM

The founder is Koji Udo.
Born in Kumamoto in 971.
He studied fashion at Tokyo Mode Gakuen and joined BEAMS after graduation.
After leaving BEAMS, he went to London to study.
After returning to Japan, he established “LOUNGE LIZARD” with Manabu Yaegashi and Tatsuya Togo.
Later, Koji Arido left Lounge Lizard to start his own business.
He established his own brand “FUCTOTUM” in 2004.
He started his collection in the 2004-05 fall/winter collection.
In 2006, he opened a directly-managed store and started presenting runway-style collections from the 2007 Fall-Winter
season in Tokyo.


How was it?
Here we introduced you to FACTOTUM.
In 2015, FACTOTUM is developing a new line, “VALLIS by FACTOTUM.
We are very much looking forward to the future development of this brand.

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