Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

HECTIC: A Simple and Easy to Wear Collection of Diverse and Unique Cultures

The fashion brand called HECTIC (HECTIC) that took advantage of the Urahara boom and increased its fame.

If you are a skater fan, there are many items that you should know.

What kind of brand is HECTIC?

The following is an overview of HECTIC, touching on its history and characteristics.

What is HECTIC?

HECTIC is a fashion brand born in 1994 in Tokyo’s Harajuku district by Yoshifumi Egawa, who had been a professional skater since he was 15 years old.

In 2012, the brand was discontinued, but it became active as a boutique and original brand with a wide range of skater’s brands and hip-hop items.

The original brands include “PKG”, “Seesaw”, “MadHectic”, and “Masterpiece”.

The main feature of the brand is that it takes elements of sports, preppy, traditional, vintage, military, work, etc. and puts them into the form of simple, easy-to-wear street wear that is full of individuality.

Speaking of HECTIC

出典 : https://www.dejapan.com/

Speaking of HECTIC, we recommend the plaid shirt in a checkered pattern that can be worn for all seasons.

It’s a basic shirt with a pocket on the left chest that can be worn by anyone and anywhere.

It’s made of 100% soft and comfortable cotton fabric, so you can wear it without worrying about it.

Wearing HECTIC


出典 : https://wear.jp/

Recommended Places to Buy HECTIC in Tokyo

Hectic Lumine Est Shinjuku

Hectic Lumine Est Shinjuku store
Source : https:// ameblo.com/basecontrol/

Store Name Lumine Est Shinjuku madHECTIC STORE
Address Lumine Est Shinjuku 5F, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone Number 03-5269-1111
Business Hours According to the facility’s business hours

As there was no Hektic Ueno Marui store at this time, it was removed.


What did you think? In this issue, we have introduced HECTIC.

The original item invented by an original point of view is abundant though it is a brand that became an activity end though it is regretted.

An attractive lineup is complete though the store where the item can be purchased by a new item is few if it is the Internet.

Please take it in your hand at this opportunity.

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