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Cashmere makes celebrities swoon lucien pellat-finet

lucien pellat-finet has captivated celebrities around the world with his cashmere items.
Many celebrities in Japan also patronize the brand.
Here, we introduce some of the features of lucien pellat-finet.

What is lucien pellat-finet?

lucien pellat-finet is a French fashion brand.
It is especially famous for its collections using cashmere.
The works of lucien pellat-finet, which has made all-out efforts to collaborate with fashion and cashmere with full of creativity, are highly appreciated all over the world.

 lucien pellat-finet
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History of lucien pellat-finet

In 1986, he opened his eponymous boutique “lucien pellat-finet” in Paris.
In 1994, he established his own eponymous brand, lucien pellat-finet, and presented a cashmere women’s wear collection in New York for the fall/winter 1994-1995 season.
In 1996, he started menswear, and in 1999, he re-opened a boutique of “lucien pellat-finet” in Paris.
In 2002, he opened another boutique in Omotesando, Tokyo. In 2007, he opens a store in Roppongi Midtown.
In February 2019, a new concept capsule collection, l.p-f (l.p-f), was launched for the millennial generation.


How was it?
Here we introduced you to lucien pellat-finet.
lucien pellat-finet is also known as the King of Cashmere.
We hope that you will experience the finest touch of cashmere.

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