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AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

Real Clothes is the foundation of the collection AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi is a brand worn by celebrities in Japan and attracts attention from fashionistas.
The brand is popular in Japan for its sophisticated designs.
Here, we introduce the features of Amia Alexandre Matussi and other information.

What is AMI Alexandre Mattiussi?

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi is a French men’s fashion brand.
The brand name “AMI” is the French word for “friend,” and is also the symbol for the three letters of his own name.
It has a perfect balance of sharpness and relaxation, and accurately captures the heart of the modern man.
The styling suggests a Parisian style of dressing that combines chic and vivid colors.

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi
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History of AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi was founded by Alexandre Mattiussi in 2011.
Alexandre Mattiussi was born in 1980. He studied menswear design at Duperré fashion school in Paris.
He started his career at the menswear line of “Christian Dior” and worked as the first assistant for the menswear line of “Givenchy” for five years in men’s tailoring.
He then worked in the men’s department of “Marc Jacobs” before starting his own brand.


How was it?
Here we introduced AMI Alexandre Mattiussi.
AMI Alexandre Mattiussi is a brand that is attracting attention in Japan as more and more stores are carrying it.
The prices are relatively affordable among the collection brands, so why don’t you visit a store and see for yourself?

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