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Artistic and philosophical brand CHALAYAN reflecting the history of Cyprus

CHALAYAN is also known for its collaborations with Puma and J Brand.
The brand reflects the history of Cyprus and attracts people with its artistic and philosophical collections.
Here we introduce some of the features of CHALAYAN and other information.


CHALAYAN is a fashion brand founded by Hussein CHALAYAN from Cyprus.
CHALAYAN has been presenting experimental collections that straddle the boundaries of fashion, art, architecture, philosophy, science, and more.
His background of being born and raised in a unique environment in the border region of Cyprus, which is divided into north and south, has had a great influence on his work.
The designer has an established identity, which is reflected very well in his collections.
His work is not confined to the realm of fashion, but incorporates artistic elements as well, as he often makes innovative use of various materials and technologies.

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History of CHALAYAN

CHALAYAN was founded in 1995 by Hussein Chalayan, a native of Cyprus.
The company won the British Designer of the Year award in 1999 and 2000.
In 2000, the sponsor went bankrupt, but the company was able to rebuild with the financial support of the Italian company Ghibo Co.
In 2012, the brand name was changed from “HUSSEIN CHALAYAN” to “CHALAYAN.
The collaboration “URBAN MOBILITY (URBAN MOBILITY)” with “PUMA” is announced from the 2010 spring/summer season.


How was it? Here we have introduced you to CHALAYAN.
He continues to create works that touch people’s hearts to the extent that some people are moved to tears just by looking at his collections.
You will be able to feel many things from his collections.
Please come and experience his world view.

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