Tue. May 30th, 2023

A-COLD-WALL, a hot brand by Virgil’s former right-hand man

A-COLD-WALL is a brand that is handled by Samuel Ross, Virgil’s former right-hand man.
It is a brand that has always been a hot topic since its establishment, from its background to collaboration items with big brands.
Here, we introduce the features of A-COLD-WALL.

What is A-COLD-WALL?

A-COLD-WALL* is a London-based fashion brand started by Samuel Ross in 2015.
A-COLD-WALL* features designs inspired by architectural structures, and the brand’s identity is based on a unique approach that incorporates concrete-inspired overdyed fabrics and industrial materials into its designs.
The brand has attracted attention from around the world for its quality and approach that transcends the boundaries of streetwear.

Source : https://www.fashionsnap.com/brand/coldwall/

History of A-COLD-WALL

Samuel Ross is the designer of A-COLD-WALL*.
After studying graphic design in De Montfort, England, he launched the brand “2wnt4” with his friend Andrew Harper.
He then caught the eye of Virgil Abloh of OFF-WHITE, where he gained experience as a creative assistant and launched A-COLD-WALL* in 2015.
In 2018, he was also selected as a finalist for the “Young Designers Prize” organized by LVMH.
In the same year, the collaboration with “OAKLEY” was also announced.


How was it?
We have introduced you to the A-COLD-WALL brand.
His collaborations with Nike, Dr. Martens, and McIntosh have been well received.
He is one of the young designers that we should keep an eye on in the future.

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