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Clothes that don’t kill emotions” is the concept of Azuma.

With experience as a patterner and modelist at Undercover and Julius, Azuma is popular for its unique world view.
The brand offers men’s items and has gained the support of many fashionistas in Japan.
Here we introduce Azuma’s features and other information.

What is Azuma.?

Azuma is a Japanese fashion brand that debuted with the Fall/Winter 2015 collection.
The brand concept is “sentiments only real.” The brand offers items that incorporate the designer’s idea that
“individuals can only be found through emotions.
We believe that clothing that can be accepted around the world is “born from a uniquely Japanese sensibility,” and
we are launching products based on this belief.
The brand is characterized by its production that takes advantage of the current déjà vu, such as by lacking
detailing or combining two different elements.
Many of the clothes are suitable for daily use.

Clothes that don't kill emotions" is the concept of Azuma.
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History of Azuma.

Kengo Higashi is the designer of Azuma.
He graduated from the men’s design course at Bunka Fashion College. After that, he gained experience as a patterner
at “UNDERCOVER” and launched his own brand “Azuma.
He debuted with his 2015 fall/winter collection.
He won the “Tokyo New Designer Fashion Award Professional Category” in 2018.


How was it?
Here we introduced Azuma.
Azuma is packed with attention to detail in details and materials.
Please take a look.

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