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Presenting a unique collection that exquisitely combines Japanese and Western styles RAINMAKER

RAINMAKER has been attracting more and more attention, especially from fashionistas, after its participation in the
Tokyo Collections.
The brand is popular for its wear that beautifully blends tradition.
Here we introduce the appeal of RAINMAKER and more.


RAINMAKER is a Japanese fashion brand based in Kyoto.
It mainly develops men’s wear, and women’s wear and miscellaneous goods, etc. are also developed in addition to men’s
The essence of Kyoto can be glimpsed in the clothes of this brand.
The brand concept is “EVOLUTION, NOT REVOLUTION”.
The brand seeks a style that is progressive and contemporary, incorporating modern rationality, technology, and mode,
while never remaining nostalgic for the history and traditions.
Some items are made in collaboration with Kyoto’s long-established craftsmen, such as bags made with Kyoto’s
long-established textile brand, tea canister maker Kaikado, and bangles made with wire mesh craftsman Kinmo-tsutsuji.

Source : https://www.parigot.jp/c/brand/rainmaker

History of RAINMAKER

Koichi Watanabe is the designer of the brand.
After graduating from high school, he did not attend a vocational school but a university, and gained experience at
“MORIKAGE SHIRTS KYOTO” from 1998 while still a student.
He started his brand in the fall/winter of 2013.
The flagship store opened in Kyoto in the fall of 2013.
From the 2017 fall/winter collection, exhibitions were focused on Kyoto, and the women’s collection was also launched
in the 2018 spring/summer collection.
We have won the TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2019, an award for fashion.
And the Fall-Winter 2019 collection was presented in runway style at the Tokyo Fashion Week.


How was it?
Here we introduced you to RAINMAKER.
RAINMAKER proposes a realistic style that incorporates culture and mode into a classic style that mainly focuses on
Please take a look.

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