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The brand’s iconic fire motif is popular TENDER PERSON

TENDER PERSON is worn by many celebrities in Japan, including Shingo Katori and Tsubasa Honda.
The brand is characterized by its graphics and is a strong expression of Tokyo culture.
Here we introduce TENDER PERSON.


TENDER PERSON is a Japanese fashion brand.
The brand is unisex.
The brand concept is “to capture things from everyday life from various angles, to pursue a sense of the times and
atmosphere in a unique way, and to continue to express our own individuality through fashion.
The brand strongly reflects the Tokyo street scene,
Wide silhouettes are the mainstream. The silhouettes of the pants are characterized by their wide hems.
Not only the silhouettes, but also the graphic designs are very elaborate.

Source : https://rakutenfashionweektokyo.com/jp/brands/detail/tender-person/


The designers of the brand are Yashige Youto and Bianca.
They launched their own brand “TENDER PERSON” in 2014 while still students at Bunka Fashion College.
That same year, they presented their collection in exhibition format in Harajuku, and the brand was launched in
earnest in the fall/winter of 2016.
In 2017, the brand was selected for support by CLOSS Fashion Forward, a program designed to nurture the next
generation of fashion brands.


How was it?
Here we introduced TENDER PERSON.
TENDER PERSON is steadily increasing its fan base, opening its first flagship store and atelier in Minami-Aoyama in
February 2020 and holding its first show in June 2021.
We hope you will take a look.

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