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RE SYU RYU, a brand that sublimates the world of fantasy into a Japanese stand.

RE SYU RYU has been seen worn by celebrities in Japan such as Kanna Hashimoto and Moe Kamihiraishi.
RE SYU RYU is a brand that has attracted attention for its nostalgic and mysterious world.
Here we introduce some of the features of RE SYU RYU.

What is RE SYU RYU?

RE SYU RYU is a Japanese fashion brand.
It mainly develops women’s wear.
The retro designs are distinctive.
The brand concept is “between the everyday and the extraordinary.
The items compiled in the form required “now” become a high quality and gorgeous style with particular attention to
textiles such as lace and embroidery, and can be changed into both daily life and extraordinary life depending on the

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History of RE SYU RYU

The creative director of RE SYU RYU is Yurie Sakuragawa.
Yurie Sakuragawa is the creative director of RE SYU RYU.
While a student at Nihon University College of Art, Yurie received the Dean’s Award from the College of Art.
After graduation, she joined an entertainment production company and formed her own unit while working as a back-up
dancer for artists, choreographing and composing videos, organizing music, creating costumes, and working as a live
With his wide range of experience, he launched the women’s brand “RE SYU RYU” in 2018, which is based on the concept
between the everyday and the extraordinary, and directs the design and visuals as creative director.


How was it?
We introduced RE SYU RYU here.
RE SYU RYU offers clothes that can be worn for a special occasion or an ordinary day, depending on how you coordinate
Please take a look for yourself.

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