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Proposing items with warmth meagratia

meagratia, worn by celebrities in Japan, has attracted a lot of attention.
The brand is characterized by clothes that can be worn in a variety of ways, including 2-way and 3-way, and many
gimmicky teal.
Here, we introduce the appeal of meagratia and more.

What is meagratia?

meagratia is a Japanese fashion brand.
Questioning the concept of ready-to-wear, the brand proposes genre-less wear with added identity by creating new value
through its own filtering of the history of fashion.
We are committed to developing unique original articles, and our collection is centered on three-piece pieces that use
these articles.
We value design points that make you feel new and uncomfortable.

Source : https://rakutenfashionweektokyo.com/jp/topics/pickup/meagratia_2024ss/

History of meagratia

The designer of meagratia is Takafumi Sekine, born in 1982 in Ibaraki Prefecture. He graduated from Tokyo Mode Gakuen.
In 2008, he worked as an assistant at a collection brand for four years.
He then went independent and started his own brand “meagratia” in 2011.
She won the 2019 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in the professional category.


How was it? Here we introduced you to meagratia.
For fall and winter, we produce a design-oriented wool tweed set-up every season, which has become a representative
item of the brand.
Please take a look at them.

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