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Proposal of “adult clothes as I pictured them when I was a boy” wonderland

wonderland is a brand often seen in men’s non-no and drama costumes. 
It is also a popular brand for high-quality everyday wear.
Here, we introduce the appeal of wonderland and more.

What is wonderland?

wonderland is a Japanese fashion brand.
It is developed mainly for men’s wear.
The brand concept of “wonderland” is “clothes for adults drawn when I was a boy.
The brand is committed to making clothes that express humor and playfulness as designs, as if captured from a child’s
point of view.

Source : https://onlineshop.nietzsche-select.com/?mode=cate&cbid=1593617&csid=0

History of wonderland

The designer of wonderland is Mr. Tsuyoshi Kawasaki, who graduated from Marronnier College of Fashion Design in 2002
and went to the United States to study after graduation.
After graduating from Marronnier Fashion Design College in 2002, he went to the U.S., where he learned vintage
clothing buying, and returned to Japan in 2004, where he worked in vintage clothing stores and select stores.
He then became independent and started his own brand “wonderland” in the fall/winter of 2010.


How was it?
Here we introduced wonderland.
wonderland is developing wear that is exciting to come to.
Please take a look.

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