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Pursuing the cultural aspect and functional beauty of clothing Metaphor

Metaphor is popular for its unique and inimitable designs.
Its creative collections have become a hot topic among fashionistas.
Here we introduce some of the features of Metaphor.

What is Metaphor?

Metaphor is a Japanese fashion brand.
The strength of the brand is to express the designer Fukatsu’s own feelings and the changes of the times through
fashion, and to destroy and reconstruct what originally existed.
The brand has many very unique designs, and even those who like clothes can encounter clothes that they have never
seen before.

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History of Metaphor

The designer of Metaphor is Kento Fukatsu.
He graduated from ESMODE in 2012. He had an exhibition at a select store when he was a student, and was the first
student to have his clothes provided to Lady Gaga twice.
After graduation, he worked as an assistant at MIKIO SAKABE, and later established his own brand, Metaphor.
In the spring/summer of 2017, he collaborated with Hachioji Sangyo’s reflector creative project “RE:LIGHT” and
released a T-shirt with two sides that utilized high-definition printing technology and transparent reflective
material, which became a hot topic.


How was it?
Here we have introduced you to metaphors.
Metaphors are popular among fashion freaks who don’t want to wear the same thing as everyone else and want to express
their individuality.
Please take a look at the unique view of the world.

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