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Daily design clothes that can be worn for a lifetime RUMCHE

RUMCHE is a hot topic because about 80% of its items are made from original textiles produced in Bishu, Aichi
Prefecture and Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, with a focus on “Made in Japan”.
Each item is carefully crafted and supported by many fans.
Here, we introduce the charm of RUMCHE.

What is RUMCHE?

RUMCHE is a Japanese fashion brand. The brand is mainly for women’s wear.
Based on Classic, Military, and Vintage, the brand proposes luxurious design clothes that can be worn in everyday life
and loved beyond the times, with feminine curves, edgy designs, and new silhouettes with playful details that evoke a
somewhat innocent girlishness. The brand is a new type of clothing that is timelessly loved and luxuriously designed
for everyday wear.
Inspired by existing clothing shapes and sometimes ethnic costumes, RUMCHE creates unique designs.

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History of RUMCHE

The designer is Akimi Yasuhara.
She was born in 1984 in Niigata Prefecture. After graduating from a design school, she joined an apparel company as a
She became a designer and brand director at “dazzlin” of MARK-STYLER Co.
In 2015, he became independent from MARK-STYLER Co., Ltd. and has been involved in the design and brand direction of
various brands, including “REDYAZEL,” a popular apparel brand of the Samantha Thavasa Group.
In the fall/winter of 2018, he started his own brand “Rumché”. He serves as the designer and brand director.


How was it?
Here we have introduced you to RUMCHE.
At RUMCHE, we are clearly committed to manufacturing products that incorporate “Sustainability” through craftsmanship
and good quality products that are “Wearable” and can be cherished and worn with care.
We hope you will take a look at our products.

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