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Fantasy-themed collection APOCRYPHA

Apocrypha is a brand that weaves together various contexts with its own unique worldview through its clothes.
Each season, the brand develops collections that combine various elements into a single story.
Here we introduce some of Apocrypha’s characteristics.


APOCRYPHA is a Japanese fashion brand.
APOCRYPHA’s brand concept is “FANTASY.
The brand’s destiny is to “create a fantasy world of longing for customers, draw them into a dream-like world, and
have them experience it.
Each season, the collection is developed by combining various elements into a single story.
The designer’s specialty is the finest tailoring techniques of traditional men’s tailors, the choice of details with
an awareness of aging, and the functional and sturdy specifications seen in military items.

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History of APOCRYPHA

The designer of APOCRYPHA is Suzuji Harimoto.
She studied design and pattern at a fashion college. While in school, she interned at a collection brand.
He then joined Yohji Yamamoto Co.
where he gained experience as a men’s patterner.
In 2014, he established REIJI HARIMOTO under his own name.
He then started APOCRYPHA in Spring/Summer 2020.


How was it?
Here we have introduced Apocrypha.
Apocrypha’s clothes are made with a modern sensibility to the truly good and essential things that are being lost day
by day, and with a desire to convey them to as many people as possible.
Please take a look for yourself.

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