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UNDECORATED, a brand focusing on unpretentiousness

UNDECORATED is designed by Takayuki Kono, who worked as an assistant under Yoshio Kubo, the designer of yoshiokubo.
As the brand name suggests, the brand is popular for its unpretentious and gentle wear.
Here, we introduce the charm of ” UNDECORATED” and others.


UNDECORATED is a Japanese fashion brand.
It offers both men’s and women’s wear.
The collection focuses on the “unadorned” scene, and is considered from the way materials should be, which is the
foundation for making clothes.
The items are constructed as designs for materials, and since the designer has been replaced by Mr. Takayuki Kono,
there has been a deeper focus on materials.
The brand creates functional clothes that make the most of the materials and give meaning to the design, and many of
the items have a soft atmosphere.

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Yoshio Kubo started “undecorated MAN” as a brand with a different concept from his own brand “yoshio kubo” in 2008
A/W. From 2016 A/W, Yoshio Kubo has been replaced by Takayuki Kono as the designer. Yoshio Kubo has been replaced by
Takayuki Kono, the designer.
Women’s wear also started in 2018, and the brand name was changed to “UNDECORATED”.


How was it?
We have introduced UNDECORATED here. 
All of UNDECORATED’s collections have many simple items that give us a sense of “unadorned stylishness” with a focus
on details, use of materials, and colors, while giving us a sense of everydayness.
Please take a look at them.

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