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ES sho takahashi

Making clothes with love ES sho takahashi

ES sho takahashi is a brand with a reputation for its attention to detail, including the development of one-of-a-kind
The brand is popular for its soft, feminine styling.
Here, we introduce the charm of ES sho takahashi.

What is ES sho takahashi?

ES sho takahashi is a Japanese fashion brand.
The brand concept is to bring a little bit of the unusual into the everyday.
A little discomfort in the ordinary.
A little happiness in the ordinary.
Gentleness in strength.
Like the brand concept, the brand is characterized by designs that can be worn as everyday or everyday wear, but with
some playfulness.

ES sho takahashi
Source : https://esonline.base.shop/

History of ES sho takahashi

The designer is Sho Takahashi.
He graduated from Bunka Fashion College.
He gained experience as an assistant at a Tokyo-based brand.
He then launched his own brand “-ES- sho takahashi” in 2018.
He is also involved in costume production and is gradually expanding the scope of his activities.


How was it? Here we introduced you to ES sho takahashi.
The cute and toxic looks of S SHOW TAKAHASHI coexist, so it fits well with street style coordination.
Please take a look.

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