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THE Dallas

Romantic and gender-neutral design THE Dallas

THE Dallas is a brand worn by many celebrities in Japan.
The clothing is also very well received, but the accessories in particular attract attention every season.
Here, we introduce the charm of THE Dallas and more.

What is THE Dallas?

THE Dallas is a Japanese fashion brand.
It mainly develops ladies’ wear.
Clothes for women who are a little particular, who have an image of a dignified woman, and who are sexy but also
independent. Clothes that allow women to express themselves freely and in their own way.
These are the kind of clothes we propose.
The brand is named after Dallas, Texas, a mysterious place where the designer feels the times have changed.
Based on vintage wear, the brand mixes trends such as the use of feminine materials and mannish designs in a perfect
The soft yet core designs are appealing, and materials such as satin and linen are used to create a feminine look.

THE Dallas
Source : https://rakutenfashionweektokyo.com/jp/topics/pickup/the-dallas/

History of THE Dallas

The designer is Fumie Tanaka.
She graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen.
She gained experience at World’s “Ville d’Azur” and was involved in the launch of “AndA” at Sotheby’s League.
She also worked as a designer for major apparel brands and started a men’s brand “Doll Project” with her husband in
2005, then launched “THE Dallas” in 2015.


How was it?
Here we introduced you to THE Dallas.
THE Dallas is popular for its delicate use of materials and silhouettes.
Please take a look.

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