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CHRISTIAN DADA, a brand that also handles costumes for world-famous artists and movies

CHRISTIAN DADA, the brand that became the talk of the town when it was selected as the first non-Armani designer to
outfit Lady Gaga’s world tour.
The brand is constantly generating news, such as the appearance of the American heavy metal band “KISS” at the finale
of the show.
Here we introduce some of the features of CHRISTIAN DADA.


CHRISTIAN DADA is a Japanese fashion brand.
The concept of the CHRISTIAN DADA brand is “product out with addressability.
It is not limited to the concept of simply “wearing” clothes, but expresses each individual’s identity as one tool.
The brand is characterized by edgy designs based on black, and includes a taste of street and rock based on mode, and
many of its styles are unique.

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Masanori Morikawa founded CHRISTIAN DADA in 2010.
He worked as an assistant at “Charles Anastas,” which also participated in the Paris Collection, and after becoming
independent from Charles Anastas, he established the fashion brand “LIVRAISON” with a friend.
He later left the brand in 2009.
In 2010, he started his own brand “CHIRISTIAN DADA.
He has been presenting his collections in a solo runway format since 2011 Fall-Winter.
In 2013, he opened a directly managed store in Harajuku.
In 2016, it relocated to Minami Aoyama.


How was it?
Here we have introduced you to CHRISTIAN DADA.
CHRISTIAN DADA is currently inactive, but we hear rumors that they are preparing for something.
Many fans are looking forward to the restart of CHRISTIAN DADA, and we will keep an eye on their future activities.

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