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Pursuing the relationship between fabric and the body, ISSEY MIYAKE

ISSEY MIYAKE is a Japanese fashion brand with a long history and loved around the world.
Its formative silhouettes and use of materials fascinate the world.
Here, we introduce the characteristics of ISSEY MIYAKE.


ISSEY MIYAKE is a Japanese fashion brand.
ISSEY MIYAKE’s clothes-making has been based on the concept of “a piece of cloth” from the beginning to the present
This concept has been a source of surprise and empathy throughout the world, as it breaks away from the boundaries of
East and West and pursues the relationship between the body, the cloth that covers it, and the comfort that is created
between the two.
The use of materials, fabrics, dyeing, and all other processes are carefully considered, and the functionality and
comfort of the garments are of the highest quality.

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In 1970, ISSEY MIYAKE established the Miyake Design Office, and the following year presented his collection in New
York under the name “ISSEY MIYAKE.
The following year, he presented his collection in New York under the name “ISSEY MIYAKE.” He then launched his
prêt-a-porter line in Paris in 1973.
In 1978, he launched the men’s line “ISSEY MIYAKE MEN.
Since the 2012 Spring/Summer collection, the women’s collection has been designed by Yoshiyuki Miyamae.
The men’s line has been designed by Yusuke Takahashi since the 2014 Spring/Summer collection.


How was it?
We have introduced ISSEY MIYAKE here.
ISSEY MIYAKE offers a variety of lines, and is a brand that can be closely felt in your lifestyle.
Please take a look at them.

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