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Brand that established modern street wear TTT_MSW

TTT_MSW is a brand that has been worn by Masaki Sugata, Reiji Okamoto, and others and has become a topic of
It is a brand that is currently attracting attention for its skillful use of various special materials and its new
approach to real clothing.
Here, we introduce the features of TTT_MSW.

What is TTT_MSW?

TTT_MSW is a fashion brand from Tokyo, Japan.
The brand is unisex.
MSW”, the sub-name of TTT_MSW, stands for “Modern Street Wear”, and the brand concept of TTT_MSW is “genre-less,
gender-less, borderless”.
We propose modern street clothes that can be worn normally in everyday life.

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History of TTT_MSW

The designer of TTT_MSW(Tee) is Shota Tamada, born in 1993 in Hyogo Prefecture.
He launched his brand when he was 19 years old while a student at Bunka Fashion College.
In 2017, he is also in charge of designing a new brand, restaurant, which is more basic and affordable.
TTT_MSW(tee) started with a pop-up store in 2013.
In 2016, a limited time store was opened in New York City.
In 2018, in March, the brand hosted its first runway show in the AT TOKYO slot, a special program of Amazon Fashion
Week Tokyo.


How was it? Here we have introduced you to TTT_MSW.
TTT_MSW uses high quality fabrics and offers products that emphasize comfort and functionality.
We hope you will find your favorite piece of clothing.

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