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Simple, sophisticated and relaxed DIGAWEL

DIGAWEL is a popular brand whose silhouette balance, unique silhouettes, and other features are characterized by a
design that blends in with everyday life, regardless of the wearer.
It is a popular brand supported by a wide range of people.
Here, we introduce the features of DIGAWEL and other information.

What is DIGAWEL?

DIGAWEL is a Japanese fashion brand.
While focusing on men’s wear, the brand also offers women’s wear.
It presents collections with themes based on its own philosophy.
DIGAWEL’s brand concept is “to keep making wonderful things” and “whether it is fun or not.
Mr. Nishimura himself is in charge of every part of the process from the birth of the clothes to their distribution,
including planning, design, and sales.
Many of the pieces have spacious silhouettes and a relaxed, loose feel, and are designed with a subtle silhouette that
looks ordinary at first glance but has a special attention to detail somewhere.

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History of DIGAWEL

The designer is Kohei Nishimura.
After graduating from university, he worked in sales and planning at a general merchandise store before setting up his
own store in Meguro, Tokyo in 2006.
He started “DIGAWEL4” in the 2010 fall/winter season.


How was it?
Here we have introduced DIGAWEL.
In addition to its main line, DIGAWEL also has a label called “digawel4,” which presents items that deviate from the
collection’s theme or that it wants to create spontaneously.
Please take a look at DIGAWEL, which expresses itself from various angles.

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