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Many Items that can be Worn for a Long Time: WTAPS

WTAPS is a fashion brand that is also worn by Kengo Kora and Yosuke Kubozuka.

There are items that are easy to style so you can complete everything with WTAPS without using other brands.

Fashion is changing with the times, but this brand features many items that can be worn for a long time.

In this article, we will introduce the history and characteristics of WTAPS and its appeal.

What is WTAPS (Double Taps) ?

WTAPS is a Urahara fashion brand established by Shinsuke Takizawa and Toru Nishiyama.

This tag is also known for developing Urahara fashion “Neighborhood”.

Nishiyama resumed his activities at WTAPS after suspending operations at “FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS ®” which is the origin of WTAPS.

An important brand concept in WTAPS’s activities is to keep the basic form of fashion, “to the place where something should be”, and to keep the simple structure.

They are good at making authentic military items, and they are not only looking for a vintage look, but they have been upgraded with attention to details to make it easy for modern people to wear.

In addition, taking advantage of his interest in skating when he was a child, Nishiyama has also entered the skating culture and has been attacking the market from multiple angles.

Combined with the fact that it is a representative street brand in Japan, it is also active in collaborating with other street brands such as “VANS”, “SUPREME” and “STUSSY”.

Speaking of WTAPS (Double Taps)

WTAPS ダブルタップス

At WTAPS, jungle shirts made of cotton back satin that can be called the face of the brand are popular.

This item, which is loved by military lovers, is a signature item of WTAPS that is released every season.

This is a casual item that can be worn by anyone, regardless of the military style, while keeping the simple taste without changing the basic axis of WTAPS.

WTAPS Coordinates

WTAPS(ダブルタップス) の着こなし
WTAPS(ダブルタップス) の着こなし
WTAPS(ダブルタップス) の着こなし
WTAPS(ダブルタップス) の着こなし
WTAPS(ダブルタップス) の着こなし
WTAPS(ダブルタップス) の着こなし


Recommended shop where you can buy WTAPS (Double Taps)



Store Name ARK
Domicile 3 -19 Tenma-cho , Utsunomiya City , Tochigi Prefecture
Telephone number 028-649-9267
Business Hours 12 : 00 ~ 19 : 00



Store Name Helden
Address 3 -11 F , Ogawa-cho , Nara City , Nara Prefecture
Telephone number 0742-20-6111
Business Hours 12 : 00 ~ 20 : 00



Store Name Lotus
Address 1 -4 -9 Hiroshima , Miyazaki City , Miyazaki Prefecture
Telephone number 0985-31-8841
Business hours Weekdays 12 : 00 ~ 20 : 00/Sat/Sun/Holidays 11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00

Farm Yard


Store Name Farm Yard
Address 19 Higashi Sengoku-cho , Kagoshima City , Kagoshima Prefecture -6 Hagiwara Bldg. 1F
Telephone number 099-239-1235
Business Hours Monday – Sunday 12 : 00 ~ 20 : 00

*Sibone-Aoyama temporarily closed for renovation relocation.


How was it? This article introduces the history and characteristics of WTAPS and its appeal.

There are many simple and cool items while adhering to the basics of fashion.

As you can see from the fact that it deals with items such as military and skating, it is recommended for those who pursue coolness.

It is a brand that is worth touching for men, so please feel free to touch it if you have a chance.

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