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メゾン マルジェラ

Maison Margiela, one of the most influential names in fashion.

Margiela is one of the Antwerp 6, and cannot be left out when talking about fashion. He has had a tremendous impact on the history of fashion.
What kind of brand is Margiela?
Here, we will introduce the characteristics and history of Margiela.
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What is Maison Margiela?


History of Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela is a fashion brand founded as “Maison Martin Margiela” in Paris, France in 1988.
When the brand debuted at the Paris Prêt-à-Porter Collection in the spring/summer of 1989, it proposed jackets and bottoms with a narrow silhouette in contrast to the loose-fitting silhouette that had been popular up to that point, and is said to have triggered the rise of tight, body-fitting silhouettes. For this reason, Margiela’s style has been called the “Destroy Collection” because it overturned “deconstruction” and all common sense.
From Fall-Winter 1998-1999 to Spring-Summer 2004, he designed the women’s ready-to-wear collection for Hermès.
He collaborated with Comme des Garçons in Spring/Summer 1998 and participated in many exhibitions such as the “Radical Fashion” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 2001.
In 2002, the company received support from Diesel’s Renzo Rosso group of companies, including investment, manufacturing, and even store development. From here, the number of stores increased globally, and the Maison grew about fivefold in the six years since 2002.
In 2014, John Galliano was appointed as Creative Director, and in January 2015, the brand was renamed Maison Margiela (Maison Margiela), where it remains to this day.
In January 2015, the brand name was changed to “Maison Margiela” and has been in existence ever since.
0: Clothes for women that have been re-formed by hand.
1: A collection line for women (label is plain and white).
4: Wardrobe for men.
3: Fragrances
3: Eyewear
10: Collection line for men.
14: Wardrobe for men
11: Accessories line from Fall-Winter 2005
12: Jewelry 
13: Objects, or publications
22: Shoes line
6:Womenswear line *Independent on MM6.

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What did you think? Here we have introduced Margiela.
Maison Margiela is a leader in the fashion world, so please visit a store and experience its worldview.

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