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Features a design full of originality Discovered

Discovered Bird has been the talk of the town for its collaborations with DHL and Padrone.
The brand is popular in Japan for its originality and design.
Here, we introduce Discoverd’s features and other information.

What is Discovered?

Discovered is a domestic fashion brand developed by two designers, Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida.
The feature of items of “Discovered” is skillful use of materials.
For example, Discoverd’s appeal lies in its playful use of different materials, such as in items in which the arms of the MA-1,
which gives a military impression, are switched with knit material.
Although the taste of each season’s collection changes from punk to mode, this skillful use of materials is a consistent strength of the brand.

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History of Discovered

Both designers were born in 1977 in Osaka and both graduated from Yasuko Ueda Fashion Design College.
After graduation, they moved to Tokyo and started making custom-made clothes mainly for musicians and DJs.
Later on, they presented their collections in the form of exhibitions under the concept of “Opposition mix up”.
At the time of the brand establishment, there is handling in many select stores including Studios (STUDIOUS) and Midwest (MIDWEST), etc. now, and it has become a popular brand though it was a brand known by the people who know.
It has become a popular brand. It is also handled not only in Japan but also in China, Korea, and other countries.
The brand has also won the 12th DHL Designer Award, an award by DHL Japan that aims to promote Japanese talent to the world.


How was it?
Here we introduced Discoverd.
Discover Bird has been creating a buzz every season with its innovative designs.
We are very much looking forward to the future development of this brand.

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