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Clothes that make women admired by men too Satoru Sasaki

Satoru Sasaki (SATORUSASAKI) just debuted in 2020.
Satoru Sasaki is a designer who has been steadily gaining experience both in Japan and abroad in order to realize his dream of becoming a designer.
Here we introduce the charm of Satoru Sasaki.

What is Satoru Sasaki?

Satoru Sasaki is a Japanese women’s fashion brand.
Based on the concept of “clothes that make women admire men too,” the brand proposes a collection that is both feminine and masculine, based on the image of a strong woman.

Satoru Sasaki
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History of Satoru Sasaki

Designer Satoru Sasaki studied under Taro Horiuchi at Taro Horiuchi Co. after graduating from university.
After leaving the company, he returned home to Kobe to create a piece for his trip to Europe, which was selected as a finalist for the TOKYO DESIGN WEEK ASIA AWARD 2015.
In June 2016, he went to Europe for a year to work as a design assistant intern under Jean Paul Nott and Celine during Phoebe Philo’s tenure, and then in 2020, he will be working for
Satoru Sasaki (SATORU SASAKI) was started.


I think the minimalist approach that Satoru Sasaki creates is very much in tune with the active women of today, and I think it is the perfect real clothes for women living in the city.

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