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Popular for its sophisticated design BED J.W. FORD

Regardless of the season, BED J.W. FORD continues to offer fresh proposals, with a face full of fashionable looks that seem to have been created to differentiate themselves anyway.
Here, we introduce the appeal of Bedford and other aspects of the company.

What is BED J.W. FORD?

BED J.W. FORD is a Japanese men’s fashion brand by designer Shinpei Yamagishi.
Under the concept of “dressing up,” the brand interprets the beauty and fragility of things in daily life, such as space, objects, sounds, and images, and changes their forms to create a collection with a new theme each season.

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History of BED J.W. FORD

BED J.W. FORD was launched in the 2011 Spring/Summer season.
Designer Shinpei Yamagishi worked at a vintage clothing store for two years after moving to Tokyo, and then worked at General Research (now Research) as a planning assistant, in sales, and in PR.
He then launched the brand with Keisuke Kosaka out of a sincere desire to make things that he himself would want to wear.
The brand made its runway debut in the 2017 Spring/Summer season.


How was it?
Here we introduced BED J.W. FORD.
BED J.W. FORD produces minimalistic, sharp designs and avant-garde items.
We hope you will take a look at the BED J.W. FORD collection.

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